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New Home Construction

This inspection is to be scheduled just before handover to client and done as a walkthrough with the Contractor. All systems covered: Electrical, Structural, Plumbing, HVAC, and Alternative Energy Systems.

Pre-Listing Inspections

When getting a pre-listing inspection, it allows the identification of any problems that could negatively impact the house sale.

Pre-Purchase Inspections

After offer has been made and home buyer is about to purchase, a home Inspection to provide a comprehensive account of the existing condition is usually undertaken.

Warranty Inspections

This is scheduled by the owner of newly constructed building. It is a walkthrough which takes 30 days and a year of handover by the Builder. Such inspections assist in identifying any deficiencies which would warrant repairs.

Electrical Inspections

 This is a general assessment of the electrical condition of the building and is often done by the Inspector however depending on the building, a third- party Electrical professional may be required.

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Ancillary Inspections

This is an additional assessment of various building space which is not necessarily a requirement but can be done on clients request – pools and spa, Wood destroying organisms, Water/air quality testing, Radon testing, Infrared Imaging and more.

Honest Reviews

Kyle’s knowledge of residential & commercial homes has been a huge advantage to me as a realtor.

Simone G – Realtor

I enjoyed working with Kyle and have come to know him as a valuable asset to me

Jeff H – Homeowner